Too fat for pies

Too fat for pies

As I grew up I had a metabolism that meant that I could eat whatever took my fancy and to be fair that’s exactly what I did. I was chomping my way through kilos of kids sweets, cakes and eating as if it was my last meal. I also wasn’t shy about drinking my fill of strong spirits, rum being my favourite tipple.

But, over the last few years, especially this year after the pandemic lockdown was imposed my weight and body shape seems to have, let’s say, taken on a far more comfortable, less defined look.

Now I have never really been body conscious, nor have I really been a foodie, but my new found rotundness has got me thinking a little more seriously about what I am pushing in my face.

I know that procrastination is the enemy of progress, but I have decided that 2021 will be the year that I make a significant and deliberate change to not only my diet but also to the amount of activity that I undertake on a daily basis.

Now, before anyone feels then need comment, the planned changed will be something that I have been investigating and have mentally adjusted my thinking to. But, I don’t underestimate the challenges that these changes will present.

A long, active, healthy old age

Sugar and salt addictions are not an easy habits to kick. However, along with my Nutritin project, sticking to any regimes or constraints is something that I want, and more importantly, if I want a long, active and healthy old age, a necessary thing to do. So, why not start today, some of you may ask, well first of all I have absolutely no idea on how to start.

However, I doubt very much if I am alone in this. Men’s health, especially after the age of 50 seems to be some black art, that typically requires subscription to some plan devised by a middle-aged man with a six-pack.

Well Nutritin is about changing that, as I want to share my experience, finding and indeed my progress with anyone, particularly any man and more specifically any black man that feels as I do today, it’s time to sort my sh*t out!