The Gear Page

Since my career started many moons ago I have always been asked a lot about what equipment do I recommend, what computer is best and what camera should be used, these types of questions have been especially popular with those starting out. I’ve created these pages for me to put information about the technologies that I use and I will order them by priority – i.e. I start with the essentials: the camera, the lenses, the tripod and so on. For each category, I will list a few options – based on the products that made it to my shortlist when I was considering my purchases. These are not recommendations, rather they are based on what I have chosen and have become familiar with – i.e. the technology that I believe gave me my money’s worth regardless whether it’s the most or least expensive option available on the market.

When I was starting out, I didn’t worry about acquiring lots of equipment, creating extra barriers for myself. I just started shooting and designing with whatever I had available, so I could develop my skills. Creative skill makes my work look great even when I am limited to mediocre equipment.

As I progress as a professional content creator, I continue to acquire additional gear which will appear on later pages. A lot of it serves not so much to make my work look better, but to make my productions run faster and smoother. As I have got older and I have become increasingly aware that my time has become my most precious resource, it makes sense to spend my money on some non-essentials. That said, I always want to be smart with my investments!

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