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Our creative brief establishes clear expectations between you and Imarli. We use the form below to gather the basic information that we need to gain an understanding of how we can help you. Our creative brief can never be a ‘one size fits all’ because creative projects vary so much, ranging from social media banner advert to full TV programme style production.

Use this form as a starting point and we will contact you to arrange an introduction meeting where we can look at how Imarli can help you best.

(this should be the person that has authority to confirm the go-ahead for the the project.)
(if you have any dependencies which make a particular start and end date critical make sure you communicate these. We may need to negotiate depending on my schedule and/or the complexity of your project. The due date for completion is when you expect to have the final, approved project in your hand, ready for use.)
(there will be at least one client review to ensure the created work meets with your expectations. You can also use this section to specify completion dates of other key stages.)
(please provide an idea of how much money you plan to spend. This will help me to be realistic when I provide options.)
(here you should aim to reflect the purpose of the design project. If it’s in the public domain, title may need to include branding.)
(main business benefits of getting this creative successfully delivered.)
(detailed description of the target market and marketing approach. Include details such as occupation, gender ratio, average age, nationality/location, psychological demographic, lifestyle preferences, advertising and promotional plans, distribution etc.)
(note any regulations which will impact the project e.g. property near airport.)
(check everything this project is expected to deliver.)
(do you have immediate access to brand files such as your company logo and/or brand guidelines.)
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Please complete the form above to receive your FREE Introduction Pack. Taking care to enter your email address accurately, as I shall use the email address provided to send you the requested information.
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