Leave it better than you found it

Ever since I was I child I have been conscious of the fact that if you borrow something then you should give it back at least in that same condition that you were given it. Since childhood, the ethos of leaving it better than you found it, has taken on a much deeper meaning, especially since I became a father.

I have always known that life is a gift, one that we start alone and that we end alone and everything in between being a bonus. So, given that life is a gift, logically we can conclude that I should leave the world better than I found it. Now, it took a long, long time before that realisation and understanding came to me, perhaps a little too long, but as they say, better later than never.

leave it better than you found it…

Inspiration: Ralph Waldo Emerson

Now, as a father, I realise that the nuisances of leaving the world a better place extends far beyond leaving a legacy. It must reach into almost every aspect of our lives.

So, as I prepare to make another big life change, I look around the rented house that has become home for me and my family and think to myself, I need to spruce this place up before we leave. Now, don’t get me wrong, after eight years of a living here, we haven’t let the place go to rack-and-ruin.

The house has been well lived in, and apart form a few licks of paint we haven’t done much more. So, what are the plans, well first of all I need to spruce up the outside of the house. While after eight years of family life, the interior isn’t at it’s best.

Why bother if we are going to leave?

Despite being some 2 years away from a move, I want to leave this home better than I found it. i am not going to take out any loans or spend large amounts on the changes, but while I prepare for the move, decorating this house will be god in so many ways;

  • The landlord will get his house back in good order
  • My family will live in a house that is fresh and still our home
  • I will improve and develop the skills I will invariable need when I do move.
  • It’s the right thing to do.

So in conclusion, I look forward to the projects that I have lined up, and can’t wait.

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  • Create a workshop space
  • Create a vegetable planter for the garden
  • Decorate my daughter’s bedroom
  • Build a custom bed