Finding my niche

Finding my niche

Finding my niche is has been very different from changing my career. Since 2010 or perhaps before I have focused my personal development on my creative skills. What this has meant for me and indeed my family, is more than a decade of stasis, which is a significant burden for any man and perhaps more so for a father.

Because of the significance of this period of personal transition I wanted to emphasise this time and what it has taught me. In perhaps a vain attempt to help others that may be going through a similar time in their lives. Or maybe more realistically to lay bare the rational behind my thinking and create a foundation for all of the other content that I shall go on to produce.

We leave school filled with enthusiasm for our adult life. It seems inconceivable that we must choose a career that will last the rest of our useful lives. The truth of the matter is few people opt to stick to a single role. Those that do either; have an unquenchable passion or dogged reluctance to change. The rest of us readily move from one career to the next, because we have to, by chance or just for the change.

Changing career at 40 plus

Changing career in our younger years is so much easier to do and, to absorb into our lives. Newly graduated students aside, it’s easy to imagine how at 25, 30 or even 35 years old, we can retrain and successfully develop a new career. But as we get older, as our realisation that middle-age is upon us, doubt creeps in. We start to think more carefully, we start to question whether we can cope with finding a new job?

If you are over the age of forty and find yourself looking for a job, the prospect can be pretty daunting, especially if you have a family and mortgage to look after.

What can cause us to look for a new job after we have reached forty is varied. And, in a volatile employment market, when suddenly faced with change, we may be least prepared.

What is perhaps more common at these unexpected career junctures, is a considerable amount self-evaluation and personal reflection. When I decided that it was time for change my immediate thought was should you go and look for another job, that is similar to that I had just left behind? Or should I take it as an opportunity, that last chance to do something new?

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