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    A Mother’s Prayer

    This is a small creative project, as part of my self-learning. It depicts a mother who goes to church and prays for her family. The prayer used in the piece is just one I found via Google, the author is unknown.

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    Why I Stopped Using Adobe CC

    When I first started out as a professional creative my design suite was Corel, largely because at the time it was very cheap and perhaps the most popular choice in Turkey. I’m not 100% sure but I think there were some licensing issues with Adobe but regardless, it wasn’t readily available at that time. On returning to the UK, the switch to Adobe was almost immediate. Adobe had a reputation for being the software of choice for freelance designers, and at about the same time Adobe discontinued their Creative Suite and replaced it with Creative Cloud. This made Adobe’s cost of access so affordable it seemed crazy not to use…

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    My Kit Bag

    As a professional creator, it is sometimes important for my commercial clients to know what technology and equipment I am familiar with. So, I have created this page to help those that are not technology agnostic to understand what I am familiar with. Computer I have had a long and successful career in IT, working in various disciplines including; hardware engineering, software engineering & development, systems administration and networking. Although, I have a good understanding of Apple Mac OS X, including software configuration and command-line administration. However, when opening my studio for commercial work I chose to adopt the MS Windows-based platform. Design Workstation AMD Ryzen 7 2700X Nvidia RTX…

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    Becoming a creative

    Born in 1967 as Derek Richards, I spent my formative years in the Royal County of Berkshire. Here, I developed an appreciation of the finer side of living and my passion for digital creativity was sparked. On leaving school, I had had enough of formal education and I took an apprenticeship with a company called Quantel. Not only were they a respected employer in Newbury, at the time they were world leaders; designers and manufacturers of digital production equipment for the broadcast television, video production and motion picture industries. This experience was the foundation for my career in technology and design. The first twenty years of my career were spent…

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