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My passion is for sustainable living, it has been the inspiration for the work that I do, so much so that I dedicate a significant amount of my mornings’ researching sustainability issues and solutions.

I guess much my passion comes from being a father, I want my children’s future to be bright and for them to enjoy some of the abundant resources that the world has to offer. Unfortunately, the generations before them have done much to squander and deplete those resources, putting the future in jeopardy.

One of my firm beliefs is that if socio-economic influencers adopt a more sustainable lifestyle then invariably the rest of us will follow. However, today, the options available are either very limited or non-existent. There is also a disturbing level of apathy amongst the controlling powers.

I started blogging years ago, writing my own personal rants and meandering thoughts in various blogs and online publications. However, without conviction and passion, these bouts of creative writing were short-lived and had a low readership.

Today, however, I have the passion and I have created various platforms on which to write and share, I also write posts on LinkedIn and for other online publishers.

Sustainable Luxury Living:

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