The rewards of change

The rewards of change were instantly apparent. I finally started my decorating project. With my arsenal of tools and having watched hours of YouTube instructional videos, work has begun.

After clearing the garage, I bought some tools and built a makeshift workbench. Invigorated, I am ready to take on some serious project work. Now, given the standards that are to be achieved, I don’t think that I have been too extravagant.

With work well underway I will beat my deadline for completion. Today, the old carpet was removed and the new one sized to check for fit. The coming weekend will be the final push of decorating. Leaving me free next week to start the bed build.

Now, I’m not sure if my good lady is unsure of my capacity to successfully complete the work in-hand. Today, she came home with an old broken bed home for me to recycle/renovate/modify. Unphased, I shall not be deterred and I’m confident that she too will benefit from the rewards of change.

However, The tedium of sanding walls has reminded me why decorating is not down as my primary occupation. Although, I do feel deep sense of satisfaction and accomplishment from decorating a room, by myself.

Also, I have cut no corners; every inch of the room is getting its make-over. This room will be the first of all the rooms in this house. I have another year and a half here so I may as well start preparing now.

I’m decorating my rented property because I have to live here!


Even as I write this post, I envisage several more jobs to start once the immediate work is done. I want a proper workbench, not the Heath Robinson-esque marvels I have today.

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