Workshop ready

Workshop ready

Part of progress is doing what we plan promptly. In my previous post, “declutter to progress“, I gave myself two days to get the garage cleared and the home workshop ready and built, which happily I achieved.

Now, I am not for a moment suggesting that I built, a fabulous, workbench. Nor did I installed any shelving; I made a make-shift workbench and cleared a space that I could comfortably work in.

Home Workshop

I’m not sure what it is but for the longest time I have wanted a home workshop. But, for whatever reasons I have never spent the time of effort to create one. Now, with two make-shift workbenches and a handful of tools, I am on a mission to become a proficient do-it-yourself expert. With my first project being to make a custom bed for my youngest child.

Taking on such a project means that my work will be heavily scrutinised. Not only by my dear wife but also a child with huge expectations. As I am sure many fathers will testify, our children are indeed our greatest critics. Not only that but manly-pride means that I want to maintain the high regard with which I am held and to create a masterpiece.

OK, so because I am a novice and have little to no idea of how to make furniture. I have decided to get some tools together. As a first project and limited space, my plan is to use finished wood and boards, saving me the need for a planer or joiner. I shall also be using simple joints for the joinery. With my current skill-level and thinking that pocket joints will be the best option.

For the next week or so, I shall be investing in what I believe is the bare minimum for a home workshop. In the meantime, I need to check my design work and revise it if necessary. Once that is finalised, I shall be able to calculate exactly how much wood and board I will need. Then while I decorate the bedroom, get the wood ordered and ready for the build.

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