Declutter to progress

Declutter to progress

With motivation high and plenty of projects to get done, I am preparing some space to work. I have a design for a custom bed and now need to create a workspace. With this in mind, I am sure somewhere some visionary has that “we need to declutter to progress”.

“we need to declutter to progress”.

Of course, I don’t use my garage to store my car it’s a dumping ground for stuff that we’ve accumulated. Also, having a shed has meant that we can fill the garage to the brim and still have more dumping space.

My two places of choice for a workshop are both full of rubbish and discarded stuff. Which means that starting any project will require a clear out, it’s time to declutter our lives.

Setting up a workshop

Sorting out the space, ready for the workbench build

The winning location for the workshop is the garage, as it’s bigger and has electric to power the tools. The process of decluttering will be an exercise of discipline and being ruthless.

The rules are simple! If we haven’t used it for more than six months, then it will need a justification to stay. The caveat is needed because I haven’t used some tools for over six months. And a workshop without tools isn’t much good.

As I declutter to progress towards the real job of building a custom bed I’m imposing a time limit of 2 days. Anything to be donated or sold will be identified, photographed and advertised. Everything else will be disposed of and not just stored in another location.

As a final comment before I head of in to the cold dusty garage, is this process of decluttering is a pursuit that is vital to being prepared for anything. No one knows what’s ahead but if we do have plans for the future we cannot be afraid to leave some things behind,

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