Time to get hands-on

Time to get hands-on

I am sure that I am not the only man that says he’s capable of being a hands-on d-i-y man. Claims that come with very little evidence to back them up. For the longest time, my youngest has been asking me to decorate their bedroom. Despite my best intentions and my suggestions that work would start imminently, I have only managed to procrastinate.

Now, we are in the UK’s, 2020, lockdown 2.0! It’s time for me to get into gear. Not least because I have received numerous reminders to get the long-pending room makeover, done!

Well today, given that I have hit an inspirational brick wall and the over-bearing guilt, it’s time to get hands-on. Step one, measure the space and decide where the bed is to go. Should be simple, right? The room in question is an awkward space, to say the least.

It’s not dissimilar to many other “box” rooms plaguing post-1980’s four-bedroomed houses across the country. It’s not big enough for a standard bed to fit across the width. To be honest, the room is only big enough for a single bed and one other small item of furniture.

I’ll make a custom bed!

There is only one course of action, buy some wood, get some more tools and make a custom bed. Typically building a bed frame should be reasonably straight-forward. However, at the opposite end to the door, there is a service-riser in the corner of the room.

Anyway, not to be defeated, I have set about the task by designing a bed using a 3D package called Blender, and researching where I can get a custom mattress. This design will allow me to put the bed across the room, avoid the window and radiator, plus create a little more real-estate for a wardrobe, desk and beanbag.

An opportunity to create more content

As I am going to decorate, I am going to campialise on the work in hand and make a video of the whole project. Now, given that I am full of confidence, but not necessarily equipped with the skills, I am filming the whole “get hands-on” bit, to further focus my mind.

Although I shall be making the bed to appear fitted, it won’t actually be fitted. Given that the house is rented, the design is to be free-standing. Although I won’t be removing it, not unless I make a complete pig’s ear of the build.

Once completed, I shall be making a full design sheet, cost estimates and detailed parts list available via my subscriber network. The added bonus of course is, as I believe I mentioned in a previous article, it will be one small gesture to leave the house better than I found it.

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