Setting-up Yoast SEO

Setting-up Yoast SEO

To set some context, Yoast SEO is a popular web tool to help you make your web site search-engine-friendly. In order to get found on the Internet using WordPress, whether commercially or for personal reasons, Yoast SEO should help!

The purpose of creating Imarli in the first place was to help sell my business services, as a “lifestyle property concierge“. Apart from the ostentation of this post’s title, I am not beginning with a tutorial on how to configure Yoast. I am starting with getting your mindset right to go out into the world and say whatever it is you have to say.

The consequence(s) of the massive oversight of not being prepared, brings me quite nicely to the purpose of this post. If you came looking for a step by step how-to, this post is not for you.

This post is about all the understanding and preparation that is needed, in being SEO ready.

Things to know before you start

I guess it goes without saying, although countless people have, and continue to say, “know your audience”. I shall not go into some drawn-out explanation of what that means, but “everybody” is not your target audience.

Also, to prepare, we have to have a notion of what our brand is and is not. Again, a quick search using your favourite web search will garnish any number of definitions and descriptions of what a brand is, and why you might need one.

Our starting point, this post, is knowing which channels you can and will reach out to your customers, through. Search-engine-optimisation starts with confidence that your content is accurate, focused and that’s appropriate for what you are trying to say, to the digital world.

What they say is, don’t start from a point where your site is riddled with mistakes; poor punctuation, collections of words and letters that don’t make sense or other people’s content.

But, you need to start somewhere, right?
I have started, re-started and now finally I have begun to work on this site. The aesthetic is almost where I want it to be, I have created some content, and I used a sprinkling of click-bait titles. It’s time to get serious and start doing proper quality checks.

OK, that’s it for now! I know some people may be thinking you haven’t said anything. Well let’s recap, shall we; I told you to “know your audience”, to be clear about your brand, and choose your channels.

If you feel that you have done all of those things, then you came to the party at the right time. If you haven’t done the basics, I’d suggest you don’t bother with Yoast just yet!

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