Why do I want to leave West Yorkshire?

Why do I want to leave West Yorkshire?

How I ended up in West Yorkshire is a long a convoluted story, but to short cut the blah, I moved here in 2012 after leaving, what is proving to be a fairly perfect existence in Turkey.

What makes the location change even more significant is that my plan was just to come to the UK for a holiday, and now eight years later I am still to return.

The reasoning for leaving Turkey were two fold; I had a what can only be described as a religious epiphany, to create a charity to help disadvantaged youngsters. The second reason, was I failed to actually plan on when I was going to return, having only bought one-way tickets.

So, here we are, in a village on the edge of the city of Wakefield. It has it’s merits in that we are surrounded by countryside. We live in a lovely four bedroomed detached house, albeit rented, in a cul-de-sac with a park at the end of the street and the neighbours are polite, friendly and respectful.

But, having been here for nearly a decade, I still pine to fulfil the plans I had just before leaving Turkey. I want to buy a small farmstead and live out my later years living a humble, sustainable and perhaps off-grid lifestyle.

This means that I still do not consider this area as my home, there are many aspects of life here that mean I remain unsettled, not least the damp grey winters and low temperature summers.

There are many other reasons but if you join me on my journey you will come to understand why despite being born in the UK I have never felt it was my home.

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