Is it possible for me to be a “grey man”?

grey man

The world has long since been filled with conspiracy theories and, 2020 has fuelled those fires. This year has undoubtedly been unprecedented due to coronavirus and, some might say the year of the conspiracy theory.

The conspiracy theorists have taken to social media to hype their agendas, looking to take advantage of pandemic anxieties and build internet kudos.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I do not dismiss every conspiracy theory as total madness. Some of the nonsense is not only being vigorously peddled but, is being accepted as fact by a worrying amount of people.

As my wife likes to say, “if you repeat a lie enough people start to believe it”. That said, I am about to help perpetuate the conspiracies, not least because I don’t want to be spammed with “sheeple” and “woke” comments.

What is a “grey man”?

This post is about the idea of being a “grey man”, which is the concept of stealthily moving through social settings. I believe the term is one used by the prepper community, who themselves could easily be defined as part of the conspiracy theorists society.

I ask this question because as a black man in a predominately white society am I every ignored. Or does my ethnicity automatically mean that I am singled out? The #blm movement that swept the world this year might suggest that my skin colour is a significant factor in my ability to blend in.

But is that true, as a fifty-something with greying hair, surely I can just through society unchallenged? Regardless of whether ethnicity plays a part, I have decided that my anonymity and social stealth, ergo privacy is precious to me.

I have long since been a person that doesn’t like to openly promote brands and prefer low-key clothing. Because I don’t want to promote fashion mega-companies for free.

Becoming a “grey man”

Now, today, as a father, the need to appear fashionable has gone, leaving that mode of thought to my son and daughters. My priority is to buy clothing that will last for years, is practical for daily wear and doesn’t make me stand out in a crowd.

It is for these reasons that I have taken to start looking at and wearing what might be termed as “tactical” wear. I have decided to join the preppers and wear clothing that allows me to be comfortable and ultimately save money as I avoid the lure of being a fashion consumer.

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