Why I can’t be bothered to run?

Why I can’t be bothered to run?

Before I get into this post I would like to tell a story. Now, depending on your nature this little anecdote will either be funny or shocking.

The story starts with me walking down the high street in a small market town in the south of England. It was the early nineties when high streets we still the heart of the town. I remember the mild bustle, it was a bright sunny day and the streets were packed with people shopping and going about their daily business.

This particular high street was fairly short and apart from a small bus station was the main pick-up and drop-off point for buses. While taxis were confined to pick-up and drop-off in the market square. On this particular day, my friends and I we’re being typical youths sauntering along in a group, possibly taking up more of the footpath than was considerate.

However, not causing any issues we were headed towards a famous eatery which was at the opposite end of the town centre to the market. Suddenly a youngish business man burst through our group from behind. Without questioning him we look behind to see what the hurry was. A bus had just come over the brow of the bridge. it was obvious, he was running for the bus.

As the bus neared the young man picked up pace, then at full gallop his briefcase and tie flailed either side of him. The race was on. As he bounced through the parting crowd his briefcase went up then on the back swing managed to switch from his side to the centre of his body.

There was no helping him, the briefcase twisted and locked between his legs, it happened so quickly he had no time to let go of the entangled case and he was airborne. as the bus passed him he hit the ground in a calamitous heap, crumpling down on his face, his jacket tails flapping as his briefcase burst open discharging his sandwiches and paperwork across the path.

Being a group of youngster it was hard for us not to let out loud raucous laughter. We continued on our way jibing the poor guy as he writhed on the floor, holding his chin and snatching at the paperwork fluttering past. Needless to say, the bus stopped and left before he could recover, further adding to our amusement.

I hope you enjoyed that little story, and appreciate why it was from that moment I understood that running when not in a sporting event was not good for your health, and is fraught with danger.

The benefits of walking

Now, that story is obviously an unusual occurrence, but is does illustrate the benefits of being prepared and ahead of the curve. In fact as I have aged I have learned that walking is a lot better for us that jogging, especially as we advance in our years.

In fact, I was reading an article recently that enforced my understanding and strengthened my argument for not running. the headline of the article was Walking may be one of the most powerful “medicines” available.

The many benefits include helping to lower your risk of heart disease, cancer, and diabetes, lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and even keep your memory sharp.

If you are interested in finding out more about the benefits of walking I shall be writing a series of articles on my well-being website: Nutritin

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