Creating A YouTube Channel

My life as a content creator started well, the first few days were a bit daunting and to be honest I didn’t have any idea how to start. Now, that the first weeks have passed, the nervousness has subsided, my routine is becoming a habit and the level of enjoyment is soaring.

I purchased equipment, installed software and have actually started production, it’s time to open a YouTube channel. However, starting a channel needs a lot more thought and consideration than I had initially anticipated.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand the primary tasks involved, in fact Google/YouTube have been kind enough to provide a video that takes you through the basic process.

However, once the channel was opened, I quickly realised that there is a lot more to it. The metaphorical elephant that lives in this particular room is the need for content. Not only did I need content, I also need to have a steady flow of content that is engaging, well produced and not least original.

To stay focused on the task of creating original content that isn’t merely a random collection of inane images, but content that fulfils my purpose, one that is to promote luxury living and lifestyles, in the UK.

To start my quest for content creation nirvana, I am producing “Insider Interviews” which are raw unfettered interviews that show the character of business owners and artisans that contribute to the differing lifestyles of the UK. These interviews are accompanied by my “City Snapshots”, a series of short films that provide insight into the cities of the UK. The rest of my time is taken up with creating video tours of the many luxury, beautiful homes that come onto the market.

If you care to see the content that I am starting to produce, please visit my channel @luxurybyimarli on YouTube.

Creating A YouTube Channel

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