Starting out as a digital content creator!

I decided to write this article for two reasons; one my site needed content and the other because I want to encourage people who are branching out and taking a risk. Starting anything can be daunting, but starting on your own can also be lonely.

Now, everybody’s story is different, so trying to pretend I understand your story would be pointless and perhaps patronising. So, to give a little context to my story, I started my career way back in 1985, when the world was not only simpler but a lot less crowded. This didn’t make finding your niche any easier but perhaps it made things a little less competitive.

At the time, society was less tolerant, being part of a minority group meant you had to accept rejection and move on. I’m not saying that racial or sexual prejudice was accepted but perhaps, you had to be a little more resilient.

I remember, there was one year when I must have applied for 10 jobs a week for maybe two months straight. My dear mother would buy me a book of stamps and I’d scour the papers and job boards. I rarely heard back let alone get an interview, but I wasn’t deterred, I wanted a job in IT and I was going to get one.

My break did finally arrive, not through an application letter, but through dogged determination, some lateral thinking, and the gall to walk into a computer company and asking to speak to the boss. I actually, asked to work in the company for free, just so that I could get some experience and be prepared for interviews.

I guess my passion to start a career in IT shone through because after a little toing and froing I was eventually offered a job. This story of me as a young man striving to succeed has stayed with me all my life. It has taught me that I am capable and with enough determination, I can be what I want to be.

This brings me to today, after decades in IT, I chose to change career path and follow my creative passion. Not only have I found a way of creating an opportunity where perhaps one didn’t exist. But for me, being a digital content creator isn’t my chance to don the Emporer’s new clothes, but a chance to truly fulfill the needs of others.

I’m not deterred by trendy fashionistas posing as the best service providers, I have a niche, one that I believe in and one that has been overlooked because for many there is no solution.

So, I draw this article to a close, I’ve meandered down memory lane and to some have said little. But the message in this little tale is simple; if you’re starting out prepared with a plan b, then maybe you have the wrong plan a.

Starting out as a digital content creator!

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