How things have changed!

How things have changed

As a boy I lived in the southern England, an area that can easily be described as twee and oozing with white, middle-class privilege. Although, my family were not at the bottom of the social ladder we did not fit the predominate demographic of the area.

Now, before any conclusions are jumped to, demography didn’t really stop me from enjoying a lot that privilege had to offer. In fact, I feel that as a young man I was truly spoilt.

There were many things that bring me to suggest that I was spoilt; I knew and associated with lords and ladies, I went to events like Henley Regatta, played trumpet for Queen Elisabeth II and was able to follow the latest fashion.

Despite obvious barriers, I was fully aware of the infinite opportunities available to me. Today, however, it seems that the opportunities that I had before me as a child do not seem to be as apparent to too many young people today.

Of course, we all grow up, perhaps as we age, we get more sceptical, and at the risk of sounding like a cliched parent, things seemed simpler and more fun when I was a child.

The ironic this is that most children feel that their time is the best, that old people have lost track of what is important and try to express a better way of living.

But, an interesting thought was provoked by my mother-in-law, she asked me when I consider times such as the ancient Egypt, classic Rome and modern day man’s ability to create do I feel that instead of progress is man regressing?

The enormity of this simple observation, brings forward the notion that with each passing generation something magical is lost, only to be replaced with convenience and/or trivial pursuit.

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